Help and FAQs

1. Introduction

Welcome to the Help support section of the eLearning Platform.

Please remember the following 3 key points:

  1. As with all video websites, you need a good broadband or data connection to view the videos.
  2. You need to be logged in, and stay logged in, for the system to work (except to watch 'Free' videos).
  3. We recommend that your computer or device has up-to-date browser and operating systems.

If you cannot find a solution or answer in this section, then please contact us via a Support Contact Form.

We very much hope you find this support section helpful.

2. The video won't load/appear

It may be that your organisation is preventing videos from being played on the internal computers - particularly on older browsers and operating systems. Please check with your IT support to see if this is the case, and whether the block can be lifted.

3. The video keeps stopping and starting, and the loading symbol keeps appearing

This is most likely to be a problem with your broadband speed, or internet or data connection.

The eLearning Platform is optimised to work with most home, workplace and mobile connection speeds.

However, there are times when your broadband connection may slow down: if this is the case, it may allow text and images to appear, but 'high bandwidth' videos will break up or 'stop and start'.

Sometimes this is due to a poor broadband connection (and it may be worth contacting your provider or IT department to see if you can get a stronger or upgraded connection); or it may be due to high levels of internet usage in your home, your area, or your office.

if this happens, you can select a slower speed on the quality control below the video. Or you may prefer to log back on at a less busy time.

4. The sound won't work

You could try refreshing your web page. Please note that your computer has sound controls accessible from the control panel and that the video player has sound controls which appear in the player window.

5. Can I make the slides larger and the speaker smaller?

Yes, you can make the slides larger and the speaker smaller by clicking on the video icon above the video panel. 

6. Can I watch on my mobile phone?

This site has been optimised to work on mobile devices. However, if the mobile has weak data or internet connection, it may take longer to load and stream.

On some mobiles, the slides will be played over the audio from the lecture, so you can see the slides and hear what the lecturer is saying. You will not be able to see the video of the speaker, only the slides and audio from the talk will play through the mobile device.

7. Why does the layout of the page not look right?

Very occasionally, your browser won't immediately recognise an update or amendment to the website - the cached ('stored') pages on your browser may still be storing the old layout, and this can cause problems. The browser should update itself automatically next time you open it.

But in the meantime, you may need to press the refresh icon on the browser address bar to see the new layout.

8. What do I do if it says I am "behind a firewall"?

It may be blocking the video content and you may need to access the site from a different location. To check whether it is a firewall issue try accessing another video website.

9. What media software do I need?

If you have an older browser, you may need to have Adobe Flash player on your computer. Download Adobe Flash here. However, you won't need Flash on newer browsers.

10. How do the modules work?

Each module starts with a course homepage, which lists the module title, a contents list, and an explanation panel. The course is broken down in to pages or units.

As you go through the module, a tracking bar shows your progress, and the units get ticked off on a right hand side course summary list.

At the end of the module, you are redirected to the main eLearning site. A record of completed modules is kept in the your My CPD area.

You must be logged in to take a module.

11. I've read the FAQs, but I am still experiencing problems

Sometimes computers and/or the internet can develop a temporary fault - which is often sorted out by restarting the computer, refreshing the website page (by clicking on your browser's Refresh icon), accessing the website on another computer or device, or just trying again at another time.

12. Contact us

If you continue to experience a problem with the eLearning Platform, then please contact us via the Support Contact Form. We will aim to come back to you via email within 2 working days.